Team Manic

Month: December 2020

Team Manic Roblox Merch? Roblox Tournaments?

Team Manic is finally expanding into Roblox content creation, featuring JymbowSlice as a wide-variety Roblox streamer, Juker as a variety Roblox YouTuber, and IdahoFella streaming a variety of Roblox games. As a sign of our appreciation towards the Team Manic Roblox creators and Roblox players within our community, we’ve launched Roblox Merch at extremely cheap …

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Team Manic Krunker Clan Disbanded

Team Manic recently disbanded our Krunker competitive team and deleted the clan within Krunker. This is a result of the inability to find effective leadership for competitive and managing the clan. A large amount of the Team Manic community enjoy Krunker, therefore, we will continue to host giveaways to support our partnered Krunker creators. #FearTheFrenzy