Team Manic

Team Manic Roblox Merch? Roblox Tournaments?

Team Manic is finally expanding into Roblox content creation, featuring JymbowSlice as a wide-variety Roblox streamer, Juker as a variety Roblox YouTuber, and IdahoFella streaming a variety of Roblox games. As a sign of our appreciation towards the Team Manic Roblox creators and Roblox players within our community, we’ve launched Roblox Merch at extremely cheap costs and we will be scouting new ways to give back to the Roblox community and our creators.

In summary, Team Manic is considering hosting tournaments for popular Roblox FPS such as Arsenal & Bad Business. These tournaments would typically be free entry and encompass a prize pool that could be worth up to or over $100 in Robux. In order for these tournaments to take place, we would need community support in our discord community. Be sure to let us know what your thoughts are!


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