Team Manic

Who are Team Manic’s Brand Partners?

Venatos - Gaming Peripherals

Venatos is a new gaming peripherals brand, currently selling a mouse, keyboard, and some other products to compliment your gameplay. As a brand partner of Team Manic, we offer a discount code of 20% when you order from Venatos. Check out Venatos today!

Gamer Supps - The Best Energy Drink for Gamers

gamer supps

Gamer Supps is an energy drink brand dedicated to providing a delicious, yet healthy, beverage. You can choose from a variety of flavours such as Dragonfruit Punch, Mango Meta, Citrus Lemonade, Blue Razz, and much more! Their tubs come in 100 and 60 serving sizes at a very affordable price. On top of that, it’s healthy! Organic Caffeine, Keto Friendly, ZERO calories, Electrolytes, as well as Nootropics for increased focus and reaction time. When ordering Gamer Supps products, make sure to use code ‘MANIC’ for a 10% discount!

Sector Six Apparel - Custom Esports Jerseys and Merchandise

Sector Six is a high-quality apparel brand with a focus on Esports merchandise. Team Manic is partnered with Sector Six to provide some initial gear for Manic supporters to game in such as a hoodie, jersey, and a few others. Team Manic hopes to one day expand our merchandise line, but for now, grab yourself a Team Manic hoodie or jersey to support us! 

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