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CS:GO NA & EU Manic Rosters Are In Play! ESEA Opens!

We’re back! Team Manic welcomes back both our NA and EU Counterstrike: Global Offensive rosters. Two out of five of our old North America CS roster have remained within, while adding three new faces with much experience in the competitive scenery of CS:GO. Our Counterstrike NA roster will be made up of five players; P0ke, Jms, Dr1ver, Bunnyisbad, and Kenai. The NA roster will be starting from the bottom of ESEA in the open league, in hopes to reach the higher tier leagues within the coming months. Keep an eye out for the Victory posts on the Team Manic Twitter!

Very similar situation with the European Team Manic CS:GO roster; original team captain ‘Faite’ has returned with a complete roster! Almost every individual in the European CS:GO roster have prior ESEA experience and LAN experience. Faite and Linch have competed in the national university finals on a combined total of six times! Player ‘Lemmy’ competed for a very prestigious Denmark team and had great placements, we look forward to having him on board! Lik3ly and Devil both have competed in ESEA against high tier teams and have proved themselves in doing so. Team Manic will have two Counterstrike rosters competing simultaneously and in the same division, ESEA Opens. We look forward to watching the match-up’s on the NA side from NA Player ‘P0ke’ on his YouTube.


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