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Rainbow Six EU Roster Changes! Academy Roster?

Massive News with the competitive rosters of Team Manic! We’ve unfortunately made a roster swap within our main team for Rainbow Six EU. The old roster was composed of players: PoGo, Skid, Chapstix, Fantum, and Sparkins. Due to changes in their life and focusing on school, 4 out of 5 members of this roster have departed and no longer focus on competiting. Our newest roster to replace the main team for Team Manic R6 EU, are Instinct, Sparkins, Nommo, Textrolo, and coach Robert. All of the following have T4/T3 experience and will be actively resuming the leagues Team Manic has competed in previously, ECS and Talent League.

In addition, new seasons of ECS, Talent League, and Hydro league are beginning soon. With this, we want to introduce an academy roster into Team Manic. The academy roster of Team Manic Rainbow Six, are composed of Envy, Albin, Webinator, Sloth, and Pew_FSK. This roster is recently put together but has great synergy. They will be representing Team Manic in Hydro League and Talent League this season. Be sure to cheer on both rosters as their matches may be casted and found in our discord! Visit the top of the website for the discord link.


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